Iphone 5 review

by price on September 14, 2011

    Apples Iphone’s till date have gained much popularity as it has successfully revolutionised the Smartphone segment. After the recent launch of Iphone 4 which was well received from the customers end, murmurs and speculations have already started regarding the launch of Iphone 5. The best part the Iphone buyers do not mind to upgrade to the latest version of Iphone in just a years span of time. According to sources a survey was conducted and 35% of the US consumers are ready to invest for the latest Iphone which is about to launch in October.
    According to another survey the consumers were asked to give their feedback on what specific features they want to include in the latest Iphone 5.  The feedbacks contained longer battery life, reduction in price. Iphones are well equipped with indicated texting, ease in browsing the web, GPS and todays tech savvy consumers even use it for searching. This time Apple designed the Iphone5 with a metal chasis making it lighter and thinner and a screen size smaller then 4 inches added with an 8megapixel camera. The hugely awaited launch of Iphone 5 will be supported by the largest US telecom carrier AT&T. Iphone 5 is speculated a huge hit even before release.